Occupational Therapy Services

1. Workstation and Postural Overview

A brief evaluation of an individual’s workstation, for potential hazard identification. Basic injury preventative strategies are discussed. Suitable as a preventative strategy for those individuals who are not experiencing pain/symptoms, and therefore do not require in-depth assessment of their working style that directly links to discomfort. This assessment is particularly beneficial as part of a staff induction package, or for reassurance that staff have an ergonomically appropriate workstation set-up.

2. Full Worksite Assessment

Suitable for those individuals who are currently experiencing pain/symptoms, or returning to work following an injury. This is an assessment of the individual’s discomfort/symptom background, workstation set-up, job tasks, and working style. Injury preventative strategies are discussed. A typed report with recommendations for change and improvement is provided.

3. Education Seminars – Preventing Discomfort Pain & Injury (DPI) in the Workplace

A group education seminar, with handouts, covering the nature and causes of workplace discomfort, warning signs and symptoms, basic ergonomic principles, preventative and management strategies (eg micropauses, exercises etc) and EMG biofeedback (use of a muscle tension biofeedback unit). Seminars are usually one hour. An overhead projector is required.

4. Graduated Return to Work Plans following injury or health issues.

  • provides rehabilitative expertise in supporting and liaising with all key participants, including employee, family/whanau, employer and health care advisors.
  • to assist the employee to retain or return to work while recovering from injury or health concerns.
  • by identifying the work activity the employee can and cannot do, identifying any required changes to tasks or workplace, and establishing an achievable return to work schedule

Benefits include an improved speed of recovery for an early return to work, continuation of an employee’s skill and knowledge, and reduced costs from lost productivity.

Additional Information

Some modifications may be required to the above outlined services to accommodate specific needs or the circumstances of your organisation. I would be happy to discuss this more fully should this be required.

Additional Services, such as individual education in workplace discomfort and Return to Work Plans, are also available if required.