Are you looking for an Occupational Therapist or Workplace Assessment specialist in the Greater Wellington area?

My name is Lorraine Murphy. I am a certified Occupational Therapist and the owner of Resolution Rehabilitation Limited. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, I have extensive experience providing full Workplace Assessments, Workstation and Postural Overviews and Graduated Return to Work Plans to business owners and managers.

The role of an Occupational Therapist is to assist people achieve their highest possible level of independence in meaningful daily activity. The approaches that I use to achieve this include:

  • promoting health in the workplace
  • modifying tasks or the workplace environment to prevent injury
  • providing individuals with strategies to effectively self-manage their day-to-day tasks despite physical injury or impairment.

Resolution Rehabilitation Ltd is able to apply these approaches within the workplace.

“Lorraine’s assessment has instantly improved my workplace experience. She's knowledgeable, she’s incredibly thorough, fast and she explains everything so clearly. Several of my colleagues say ‘hear hear’. We all rate her highly.”

Pamela Fleming, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Social Development, Wellington, New Zealand